Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Toyota Armored Vehicles UAE

 Founded in 2011 HARROW SECURITY VEHICLES has its Head Quarters and R&D engineering team in Dubai Investment Park, UAE.  HARROW SECURITY VEHICLES Dubai is a well established organization with business transactions being carried out in more than 15 countries and delivered thousands of armored vehicles worldwide to conflict zones, Government Embassies, Government Security Agencies, head of states and VIP's. The company deals with a varied range of products, namely –  ArmoredSUVs, Armored Luxury vehicles, Armored Personal Carriers, Armored Bus, ArmoredCash in Transit Vehicles, Armored Pickups, Armored Sedans and Armored Ambulance among other ground vehicles.

Armored Benz S500 movie

The Armored Mercedes S500 by Mezcal Security Vehicles - UAE features the highest level of armoring for passenger vehicles, the CEN standard equivalent of B6/B7. Mezcal outfits the S500  with a variety of ballistic components to make sure it meets B6 certification. Extensive steel armor plating is used for the entire occupant shell, including the doors, the A-, B- and C-pillars, the roof, the firewall and the rear bulkhead. Armoring prevents bullets from passing through door locks and the gaps where the doors are shut. On the doors where metal adjoins window glass, a meticulously tested labyrinth system prevents bullets from entering the cabin.