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TYGRA is a Light Armored Personnel Carrier based on Toyota 79 Series chassis. The Tygra is designed for use in urban and cross country patrol, border security and personnel movement situations (APC) for driver and commander plus up to 6 crew with ample room for mission equipment. TYGRA APC comes in various body configurations and provides protection against assault rifles to levels CEN1063/1522/BR6/FB6 against the explosion of 2 x DM51 hand-grenades under the floor.


TYGRA is multirole vehicle used for carrying personnel of military units and their fire support, for the purpose it can be provided with state-of-the-art weapon systems, active and passive protection systems. TYGRA demilitarized version can be used for carrying personnel of peace-support missions and other persons in conflict zones.


All four sides of the passenger compartment and the roof of the vehicle are protected using high-quality armour steel and glass defeating 7.62x51mm M80 Nato Ball ammunition (U.S. NIJ level III, CEN level FB6/BR6) and 5.56x45 SS109 ammunition (CEN level FB5/BR5 and FB6/BR6) at 0° incidence (90° to the surface) and 10m range according to CEN1063 and CEN1522. 

Opaque Areas: All opaque areas including the roof are protected against the following and all lesser weapons/ ammunitions at 90° impact angle in accordance with the above specifications. 

• Calibre 7.62 x 39 mm, FJ/PB/FeC, AK 47 Kalashnikov 
• Calibre 5.56 x 45 mm, FJ/PB/SCP, M16 Colt 
• Calibre 7.62 x 51 mm, FJ/PB/SC, (FN) “FAL” / “LAR” NATO rifle 

Transparent Areas: All transparent areas are multi-layer and polycarbonate coated to protect against the following and all lesser weapons/ammunitions at 90° impact angle in accordance with the above specifications.

• Calibre 7.62 x 39 mm, FJ/PB/FeC, AK 47 Kalashnikov 
• Calibre 5.56 x 45 mm, FJ/PB/SCP, M16 Colt 
• Calibre 7.62 x 51 mm, FJ/PB/SC, (FN) “FAL” / “LAR” NATO rifle


The floor of the vehicle is designed to defeat the following threat: 

• Two DM 51 (German Norm) detonated simultaneously 

Armouring design: 

  • The armouring is a complete self-supporting structure grafted onto the base vehicle chassis in place of the original bodywork creating a unitary protection cell for the passengers. 
  • The main armour shell provides overlap for all the secondary armour components such as the doors and the windows, roof hatches, gun-ports etc. 
  • Double floor protection for improved blast resistance 
  • Heavy-duty hinges for all the opening elements (doors, hatches). 
  • Hinges with in-built door-stop. 
  • Fuel-tank(s) protected with steel armour-plates. 
  • Full engine compartment protection, including bonnet.
  • All welded joints produced using a special welding technique limiting the heat- transfer to the armour steel around the weld, and covered with non-heat- affected overlaps. 

TYGRA has a V-shaped hull. It withstands blasts equivalent to 8 kg of TNT anywhere under the hull. Hull provides protection against 7.62x39 mm armor-piercing rounds.
Vehicle can be fitted with remotely controlled weapon module. Typically these modules are armed with 7.62-mm or 12.7-mm machine guns.
The dual air-conditioners of TYGRA help keep heavily dressed troops from overheating in high temperatures of the dessert.

Vehicle Specifications:

Base vehicle:               Toyota Land Cruiser 70-Series, 4WD, lhd, new
Model year:                2014
Engine model:             4.0 L Petrol
Output:                        96kW/228 HP@5,200rpm, 37mKg@3,800rpm
Cubic capacity:            4,164 cc
Transmission:              5-speed manual
Seats:                            2+6
Colour:                          As per Customer’s requirement
Titled:                           no
Body Type:                   3-door Light Armoured Personnel Carrier
Protection level:         CEN1063 and 1522BR6/FB6

Interior Features:
  • Dual Air-Conditioner
  •  Crew-Compartment Overhead Lighting
  • Rear-View Camera Monitor for ease of maneuvering
  •  Modular seating arrangement with choice of bench-seats, flip-up seats, slung seats or blast-mitigating seats for the crew compartment
  • Choice of communications, surveillance/monitoring, electronic counter-measure equipment
  • Driver/Commander and Crew areas can be tailored to specific requirements

Exterior Features:
  • 16 Inch Steel Wheels
  • Front and Rear Heavy-Duty Bumpers
  • Tow-bars, jerry-can holder, tool-boxes, shovels, sand-ladders, etc
  •  6 Lift-hooks
  •  Remote-controlled roof-mounted search lights and search camera
  • Halogen Headlamps
  • Rear Door-Mounted Spare Wheel 
  • Search lights
  • 360 degree traversing turret
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