Armored Coaster Bus

Mezcal's Armoured Coaster bus is Ideal for safely transporting passengers in volatile environments - perfect for private security companies, prisoner transport, international sports teams and other groups that require a high-level of security. With its discreet looks armored Coaster bus is apt for low profile, secure transportation of large number of passengers. Being a bulletproof vehicle the effects of a rifle attack is highly minimized and safety of the passengers are ensured.

armored coaster

Mezcal has developed an engineered-for-purpose upgraded suspension system designed specifically for the Toyota Coaster, armoured to CEN B6 specifications, which provides unmatched vehicle handling and off-road performance. The Toyota Coaster is available in both diesel and gasoline engine variants. Armouring is available up to the B6 level, while retaining the original exterior appearance of the soft-skin vehicle. In B6 configuration, the armoured Toyota Coaster has a seating capacity of up to 23 passengers, plus driver., 95-liter fuel tank and power -assisted brakes, along with emergency exits on the roof and the rear of the vehicle.

armored coaster door
The vehicle also ensures floor protection having the capacity to detonate hand grenades under the floor of the vehicle. Whereas reinforced front and rear suspension, heavy-duty dampers, additional rear leaf springs, coil springs ensure added protection.

coaster interior

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