Armored Land Cruiser GXR 4.6 Petrol Basic

Toyota Land Cruiser GXR 4.6 petrol basic option is the most fast moving vehicle among Armored Land Cruiser 200 series. 2016 facelift has made the vehicle even more handsome. 2016 Land Cruiser GXR 4.6 litre petrol V8 retains its 304 hp and 439 Nm output, but the air-injection system has been adapted to reduce emissions by inducing secondary air through the exhaust ports for faster catalyst warm-up from a cold start. For the exterior, the front fascia gets a redesigned front grille, a new bumper design and new LED headlights. The front fenders, bumpers and hood also have been slightly refreshed. The rear gets some changes too with reshaped taillights and bumper. GXR 4.6 Petrol is ideal for B6 level Armoring.

Armored enhancements:

1. Hutchinson Run flats on all Wheels 6. Operable Windows
2. Heavy Duty Suspension 3. Large Door Frame Over Lap
4. Reinforced Hinges 5. Fuel Pipe Protection
6. ECM & Battery Protection 7. Door Travel Retainers
8. Fuel Tank Protection 9. Access cord key

Mezcal armors Land Cruisers to Protection level B4, B4+, B6 and B7 levels. All four sides of the passenger compartment and the roof of the vehicle are protected using high-quality (certified) armour steel and glass. The armouring is integrated inside the vehicle’ cab and forms a complete self-supporting structure so as to avoid excessive stress on the vehicle’s original structure. Doors are upgraded with Heavy-duty hinges and with in-built door-stop. Fuel-tank is protected with steel armour-plates. The battery and control module of the engine are protected to the same level as the opaque areas. Land Cruisers are available in various grades- GXR, VXR, GX and VX in both petrol and diesel variants. For other models, please visit:

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